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This program will allow you to make and track all different types of appointments from start to finish. Knowing the results of your appointments Is just as important as setting the appointment. Appointment Pro takes the guess work out of the equation. ApointmentPro give you a much more professional look in the eyes of your customers. Appointments can be loaded to the main board from any PC or smartphone at any time. Just think if you had your smartphone with you and you were off site you could make the appointment and it would load back at the dealership on the main appointment board. AppointmentPro will allow you to track the status of all your appointments. Appointments can be made from any smartphone that is Wi-Fi capable.

Nothing happens with a confirmed appointment!


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This product is a web based program that will allow you to make service appointments, dispatch the work through the shop and rebook the appointment all with a few simple clicks. Your customer base can be uploaded into the system from your current system. The program will also allow you to email the customer when their job is completed and ready for pick up. This system is not for everyone and does no integrate with any other systems. ServicePro was designed for those who have systems that are not doing the job or don't have a system in place at all.

ServicePro is only a fraction of the cost of most systems. ServicePro product has been working in dealership throughout Canada for over 12 years.


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If your looking for a floor traffic system, a contact management system or a marketing tool SalesPro might be the answer. SalesPro is great for marketing your data base for things such as Private Sales events, it allows you to keep the notes from the calls in the data base for the next time you call. SalesPro is one of the few systems that allow you to access the follow up component from home.

You can tie the AppointmentPro together with SalesPro and add your appointments to the main appointment board with just a click from the SalesPro program. Sales people will be able to create a plan of action for each day they are work or at home.


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EasySpiff is the first of it's kind to offer sales team a contest that keeps everyone in the game right until the last deal is posted. Results are viewed in real time on any smartphone or personal computer.

No longer will your top volume sales person be the winner by the end of the first week. EasySpiff will allow you to see who it is that really produces more than just units. There is no need for sales manager to do anything when it comes to EasySpiff this program is administered by your accounting department. Remember with EasySpiff you only pay based on the amount of units sold. It is a great way to get the competition going when it comes to VPA for some brands


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DeliveryPro is a software version of your delivery process in your dealership. It holds each person associated with a task accountable for the task. It will easily identify where the breakdowns are in you process. This will allow you to correct your process with a best practise process. DeliveryPro is a powerful tools and is used by everyone connected with the delivery of a new or used car. Sales People can check on the status of their delivery from any smartphone or personal computer. It truly want to improve your customer satisfaction scores ,DeliveryPro can help.


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LoyaltyPro is a rewards program that is controlled by the dealership. It is a great marketing tool and points can be earned for any number of reasons. All points must be redeemed for dealership merchandise. One example was to preload the value of things we give away to golf tournaments or other charities to the rewards cards instead of giving merchandise and never seeing the consumer.

The program is very cost effective and can be customized to your dealership. Everyone likes rewards.



Additional Software usage training costs are $750.00 per day when on-site at the dealership plus expenses, Quotes available on projects more than 5 days.
software prices are per month based on a 12 month contract, without showroom monitors. 24 month contract with showroom monitor initial set up and on-line training of the software program is at no charge. Further training of new staff or retraining is
available online at $85.00 per hour with a one hour minimum.
All software products can be modified to your particular dealership and we would be happy to quote you on the cost of customization.

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